One-Stop Approach

BCCS (Blockchain Cybersecurity and Compliance Solutions) Cluster enables the One-Stop Approach by connecting companies from different fields to cooperate. Our flexible approach of corporate expertise and startup agility,  provides an interdisciplinary approach of services and solutions in one place.

BCCS Cluster

Blockchain Cybersecurity and Compliance Solutions (BCCS) Cluster is a collaboration of private and public organizations created to boost the development of innovative services and solutions.

It is the first cluster in Lithuania which combines the European Union priority ICT domains: Blockchain, Cybersecurity and related technologies with “soft” domains: Legal and Compliance, Business Management, Marketing, Management, services.

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Services and Solutions


Tailored technological solutions and services. We adapt the most recent technologies to give the best, future-proof solutions for developing processes, cost reduction, efficiency and improving your start-ups or already established businesses. 

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From the setup of a company to legal, tax and IP & data protection advice for specific projects, and day-to-day business activities, we help you at each step of the way.

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In a heavily regulated industry, getting a service live is just the start. We strategically address the big picture by an in-depth approach to comply with industry & regulatory requirements.

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The markets are continuously evolving. Is your proposition ready to evolve and scale? We help to stay ahead of the curve by making products and services stay competitive in continuously evolving markets.

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Business Development

Building a promising business structure is a path to success and BCCS can help you achieve it. By providing assistance in starting, managing and promoting your business.

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Our experts are able to respond to an increasingly globalized and competitive landscape prompting the dynamic formation of new research priorities and facilitating ongoing improvements in research performance.

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BCCS Cluster has expertise in a variety of industries and business domains

Benefits of our One-Stop Approach

The BCCS One-Stop Approach provides a value chain of services and solutions in one place. It enables and simplifies the each step of the product and business development life-cycles.

BCCS industry experts help you with end-to-end solutions for developing and improving new or existing products and services. Providing cost effective, fast and definitive results that turn ideas into profitable products.

One-Stop approach to provide the most well-rounded assessments and problem-solving solutions, for implementing the best path for your success

Custom-Tailored Solutions for established companies looking to innovate, start-ups looking to scale, and everyone in between.

Partnerships Through years of connecting with people and organizations, we assess and select the right partners to improve your speed to market.

Interdisciplinary approach of corporate expertise and startup agility to all clients. We bring in a wide array of solutions, to help you tackle any challenge with a seamless experience.

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