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BCCS Cluster:

Our goal is to create mutual products, and services by the joint collaboration of BCCS members. Additionally, give added value to our partners and stakeholders by providing a Value-Chain Approach of solutions in one place at all stage of the product and business development life-cycles.

BCCS Cluster is a consortium of private and public organizations that support the growth and development of the fintech industry with knowledge, talent and technology.

It is the first cluster in Lithuania which combines the European Union priority ICT domains: Blockchain, Cybersecurity and related technologies with “soft” domains: Legal and Compliance, Business Management, Marketing, Management, services.

The main pillars of BCCS:


We believe that results are inspired by collective action to reach our full potential. BCCS Cluster is a consortium supporting Information Technology businesses, communities and creating meaningful relationships with those around us.


To Lead the way of Information Technology development in Lithuania by creating a holistic experience – connecting industry professionals to discover new knowledge, opportunities and share our competency with the world.


Integrity. Transparency. Trust. These are the guiding principles that are at heart of everything we do

BCCS Cluster members



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