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Value-Chain Approach

At BCCS we work hand-in-hand with all of the Fintech Ecosystem members – companies, regulators, governmental agencies, international hubs and associations to ensure a smooth launch and support in the ever-changing landscape

Solutions for Fintechs

We help lay the foundations for a sustainable, harmonized next generation of digital financial products. The BCCS One-Stop approach helps established companies looking to innovate, start-ups looking to scale, and everyone in between.

Whether you are building a new service in an existing organization, or from scratch we help you at each step of the product and business development life-cycles. Our Cluster members with corporate expertise and startup agility work alongside you and provide customized, strategic and effective solutions tailored to your business needs.

What we can help you achieve

Fintech licensing in Lithuania | Custom-Software development | CyberSecurity | Core Banking Solutions | Compliance | Legal 

One-Stop Approach

From idea to implementation and support
Solutions at all stages of the product and business development life-cycles:
  • Technology (Custom software development, CyberSecurity, Blockchain, AI, ML)
  • Legal (Tax, M&A, Corporate, IP & Data Protection)
  • Compliance (Fintech licensing, AML/CTF, Risk management, regulatory support)
  • Business development (Strategy, Business model design, Market research)
  • Marketing (Branding, Marketing strategy, Branding and visual identity)
We’ve helped startups, enterprises

Fintech Licensing in Lithuania:

Fintech licensing

Based on the types of business activities, we help you gain the appropriate Fintech licensing in Lithuania


We closely work together with all stakeholders of the Fintech ecosystem in Lithuania. Need a connection? It is a phone call away

Regulatory support

To ensure a smooth Fintech launch we work hand-in-hand with the licensing authority The Bank of Lithuania to help you at each step of the way

One-Stop Approach

Tap into an existing pool of specialized and experienced resources. BCCS Cluster inter-disciplinary approach has a variety of solutions and services in one place.



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