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BCCS partners with Bitlocus to Enhance the Value Chain of Services with Individualized Cryptocurrency Trading Solutions

BCCS (Blockchain Cybersecurity and Compliance Solutions) Cluster announces a new partnership with cryptocurrency exchange platform Bitlocus. Bitlocus is a global crypto to fiat exchange platform, founded in 2018 and operated by Lithuanian crypto enthusiasts with multiple years of experience in both traditional and crypto finance. They act as inter-dealer brokers to match a buyer and a seller for a large amount of cryptocurrency and have a goal to make fiat markets available for crypto projects and to provide custom solutions for businesses facing various challenges with service delivery.

Bearing in mind that standard services such as trading, cryptocurrency listing, and collection are not enough for modern customers, Bitlocus analyses the needs of each customer and individualizes the most suitable set of services. This is where an undoubted advantage of the partnership with BCCS Cluster arises. 

“The main problems faced by cryptocurrency companies are of several types: the regulatory framework and the availability of banking services. The first stems from the tightening of cryptocurrency regulation. The second – from the reluctance of financial institutions to work with cryptocurrency companies. We help existing businesses by leveraging our existing network of financial services partners. For newly emerging businesses, we offer to run their platform through our infrastructure on a white-label basis, thus significantly reducing their operating costs and time to market.” – Andrius Normantas, CEO, Bitlocus

Bitlocus offers a wide range of cryptocurrency-related services, including but not limited to buying and selling cryptocurrency with fiat currencies, providing a personal crypto-tolerant international bank account for investors and traders, crypto-fiat payment cards, personal IBAN accounts, referral program, and others. Bitlocus not only provides quality services but also ensures low exchange fees, fast account verification and token-friendly exchange. According to the company, all of this is possible because of their established partnerships with regulated financial institutions.

When asked about the expectations from the partnership with BCCS Cluster, Bitlocus states that they noticed synergies in offering their services to customers in a coordinated manner. 

“Frequently, a customer needs an additional service that Bitlocus does not provide. By joining the BCCS Cluster, we hope to complement the services provided by the cluster members as well. Another key point is the principle of the one-stop solution: in a cryptocurrency industry where there is still a lot of mistrust and deception, it is very important to establish  business relationships with trusted partners, therefore the BCCS Cluster significantly narrows the circle of business relations and solves communication challenges.”– Andrius Normantas, CEO, Bitlocus

The services of Bitlocus are readily available from BCCS Cluster. For more information please contact us at or Bitlocus at

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