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Vytautas Magnus University, CEE Attorneys, DevSlate Group, Digital Solutions, S-PRO and SEC Consult have signed an agreement to create the BCCS (Blockchain, Cyber Security and Compliance Solutions) Cluster.

It is the first cluster in Lithuania which combines the European Union priority ICT high impact Blockchain, Cybersecurity and related technologies with “soft” domains: Business Management, Marketing, Management, Legal and Compliance services.

Notably, as Lithuania is becoming one of the key fintech centers in Europe, newly established and mature fintech participants can use the BCCS cluster to receive a variety of services in one place. BCCS Cluster is a collaboration of private and public companies and organizations, created to boost innovation, development and integration of products, services and solutions, fostering their expansion into international markets.

The cluster enables the one-stop approach by allowing companies from different fields to cooperate. This provides current and future businesses with a comprehensive list of services which helps to eliminate any inconvenience caused by investing resources in various service providers to achieve desired results.

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