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BCCS receives the Bronze Label for Cluster Excellence

We are thrilled to share the ECEI BRONZE label “Striving for Cluster Excellence”

A label, provided by ESCA (European Secretariat for Cluster Analysis) that now officially confirms BCCS Clusters’ serious interest and capabilities to strive for perfection!

After going through interviews, assessments by ECEI experts, and intense discussions, BCCS Cluster is now the second Lithuanian Cluster from the IT sector to receive the bronze label!

The certification process was a great opportunity to reflect on the past years of the Cluster, to overview the strengths and weaknesses, and to raise even higher goals for the future. Whereas the Bronze Label, provided by ESCA, has opened a door for even more meaningful partnerships and fruitful growth.

BCCS Cluster has been acknowledged for almost 100% annual growth rate within the technological as well as excellence portfolio and over 80% personal contacts between the cluster management team and the participants. Moreover, the degree of fulfillment of the Implementation Plan of the cluster’s strategic planning was also rated as more than 80% fulfilled.

Over the years we have learned that working together enables one to reach significantly higher goals. With hopes to raise the bar even higher, we are grateful to the members, partners, and clients of BCCS Cluster for growing and striving for excellence together.