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It is a pleasure to announce a new member of BCCS Cluster – FileChain. The company’s platforms offer decentralized solutions targeting start-ups and more established players who want to reduce their operational costs and streamline their operations.

In more than 5 years FileChain has developed a radically different type of ledger with no dependency whatsoever from Hyperledger, Ethereum, Corda, Iota or Bitcoin to actually drive the mainstream adoption of blockchain technology.

The solutions of FileChain exhibit offer far cheaper total cost of ownership, much greater performance, easier regulatory compliance, and shorter time-to-market for new applications than anything on the market today.

We believe in the power and capabilities of every individual contributor. We are not a large company yet but everyone working for FileChain or with FileChain must feel valued, respected, listened, etc. Also, at FileChain we have a sense of purpose. We want to be result-oriented in anything we do, to never be distracted in doing something completely useless or even without a good justification. Finally, as a team and as a company, we want to deliver business and technology to many customers and partners but always under the obligation to be pleased by what we accomplish, to never engage in doing anything going against our common sense,” Sylvain Vittecoq Founder & CEO of FileChain

According to FileChain, the BCCS Cluster ecosystem is the perfect model (and actually a great stepping stone) to establish a functioning ecosystem to fully leverage the blockchain technology and the societal trend towards digital decentralization at the European level.

The level of understanding of blockchain technology and the appetite to discover the true potential of decentralization for large IT systems should not be underestimated within BCCS. Ultimately we want FileChain to become a part of many impacting projects with other members of the Cluster,” explained Sylvain Vittecoq.

For more information please contact BCCS Cluster at or FileChain at