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BCCS Cluster is thrilled to announce a newly formed partnership with Fintexus! A business development consultancy with in-depth experience in Fintech and Crypto space across China, SEA and LATAM markets was welcomed into the Cluster unanimously.

The wide spectrum of services, fintech licensing as well as white label licensing or technology procurement advisory of Core Banking, cryptocurrency exchanges, connecting investors and many more make Fintexus a “One-Stop-Shop” type agency where both startups and advanced business get needed services to start or scale business.

“Fintexus can bring knowledge, experience and valuable connections (Investors, technology providers, etc). We are driven by the fact that we help to solve problems, save time to market, investment relations and other key elements of each business. We are happy when our clients are happy with the outcome of their project. We believe that we’re only as good as the good we do,” stated Arturas Svirskis, cofounder and managing partner of Fintexus.

Whether a company is a startup that needs the license and banking core or a well-established entity that is looking for international growth opportunities, Fintexus has all the resources needed to build successful projects in the Financial Services and Crypto space.

““Transparency, Leadership, Passion. Accountability and Trust. Those are the main pillars that are holding the core of the Fintexus team. We help build life-changing projects, as we believe that with every successful project we contribute to adoption of new technologies globally,” Arturas Svirskis

“Collaboration is at the heart of everything we do, and having the right people with whom you can stand shoulder to shoulder empowers everyone around us to achieve the desired outcomes. Notably, the Fintexus team shares our vision, and drive to collectively grow the fintech and blockchain industries as a whole. This has been evident throughout the years that we have been working together. I firmly believe that by welcoming Fintexus to BCCS, we will not only enhance the BCCS Value Chain, but also broaden the strategic cooperation between our members,” observed Andrius Petkevicius, Cluster manager at BCCS Cluster

For more information please contact BCCS Cluster at or Cryptexus / Fintexus