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Meet the new member of BCCS Cluster! A company with a long history of product and software development roles within major banks across Scandinavia. Blending in with existing software development capabilities and processes within organizations. Therefore, very nuanced, and empathic to the issues companies have.
Tekhouse offers a wide range of technology stack, teams as a service and separate development competencies on the demand. 

We are a challenge hungry and rapidly growing IT service & development company from Lithuania & Sweden. Technology is our passion and solving complex problems is our drive. We are a group of top technology experts with deep banking, finance & fintech industry experience. Navigating in a complex finance industry and bridging the gap with rapidly growing fintech industry is where we feel most comfortable. Our business model has allowed us to compete with largest IT companies, by being fast, focused and having skin in the game. – said Vitalijus Lykovas, CPO of Tekhouse.

The core values, leading Tekhouse forward and applied in all they do are growth as a lifestyle, holistic, end-to-end approach, and blending-in, supporting customers. Tekhouse team are not only developers and IT architects, they are program managers, product owners, subject matter experts, consultants, security experts, and many more. Tekhouse helps businesses reach their goals through technology.

Tekhouse highlighted that they do not force their way of working to customers. For them, the end-value of their work to customers is the most important goal. Everything they do, they do in co-operation with their customers and for the benefit of them.

When asked for the reasons for joining BCCS Cluster, Vitalijus Lykovas answered: 

BCCS greatest value comes from a unique community, which has been gathered. Each member has a huge potential to accelerate each other’s growth by combining expertise and efforts to compete in a rapidly changing market.
This is very much in line with Tekhouse philosophy: choosing long-term partners to grow together and conquer the World together.

For more information please contact BCCS Cluster at or Tekhouse at